Mama Harden



 Jessica Deana Harden

I would describe myself as a big-hearted, unapologetic, authentic free-spirited daughter of Christ while being a mother of two boys.

In February 2020, I had a psychiatric episode that put me in a behavioral health hospital for a week. While receiving treatment and recovering, my two boys resided with my parents for six months per the orders of DFCS.

Because of this experience, I created this organization to give essential support to single fathers who are in need of immediate treatment and support so that they can receive needed care due to mental health issues, domestic violence and or incarceration.

I chose to serve fathers because I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my father as a child and I wanted to help change the narrative of the lives of the next generation of children by providing resources and tools for their fathers to be more than just providers but productive parental figures as well. 

My professional background extends to: Allied Health, Child Development, Creative Arts, Holistic Health Coaching, Ordination in Divinity and Philanthropy.