Harden Holistics

Our who

Harden Holistics is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves single fathers between the ages of 14 through 19 with children.

Our How
We provide our single-father households with free resources such as childcare, daily-life essentials, mentorship, educational and professional services.
Our What
 We provide relief and resources that are essential to assisting our fathers in becoming self-sufficient to effectively care for themselves and the needs of their children.
Our Why
  • About 2% of male teens (age 15-19) have fathered a child.
  • Teenage fathers are less likely to complete high school or some form of higher education and because of this, young fathers are more likely to have economic and employment challenges and are more often economically disadvantaged than adult fathers.
  • The vast majority says that fatherhood served as a positive turning point in their lives and motivated them to change their own behavior to become a role model for their child.